Washington to Tench Tilghman on Hiring Tradesmen

To Tench Tilghman Mount Vernon Mar. 24th 1784 Dear Sir, I am informed that a Ship with Palatines is gone up to Baltimore, among whom are a number of Tradesmen. I am a good deal in want of a House Joiner & Bricklayer, (who really understand their profession) & you would do me a favor …

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Thomas Jefferson to the President of Congress


Richmond, March 31, 1781. Sir, The letters and papers accompanying this, will inform your Excellency of the arrival of a British flag vessel with clothing, refreshments, money, &c. for their prisoners under the Convention of Saratoga. The gentlemen conducting them have, on supposition that the prisoners, or a part of them, still remained in this …

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Francis Marion, Personal Correspondence, Mar. 1781

Gen. Marion to Lieut. Col. Balfour. Santee, March 7, 1781. Sir, I sent Capt. John Postell with a flag to exchange some prisoners, which Capt. Saunders, commandant of Georgetown, had agreed to, but contrary to the law of nations, he has been seized and detained as a prisoner. As I cannot imagine that his conduct …

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The Quartering Act of 1774


Whereas doubts have been entertained whether troops can be quartered otherwise than in barracks, in case barracks have been provided sufficient for the quartering of all the officers and soldiers within any town, township, city, district, or place within His Majesty’s dominions in North America; and whereas it may frequently happen from the situation of …

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Monday Night, March 24

I have received Letters lately from several considerable Men, earnestly urging me to write on the Subject of Paper-Money; and containing very severe Reflections on some Gentlemen, who are said to be Opposers of that Currency. I must desire to be excus’d if I decline publishing any Thing lent to me at this Juncture, that may …

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