The Siege of Charleston

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. May 12.—This morning the garrison of Charleston, after sustaining a siege of over a month’s duration, surrendered prisoners of war to the combined fleet and army of Great Britain. The following is a journal of the siege, from the …

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Jefferson to His Excellency Patrick Henry


Albemarle, March 27, 1779. Sir, A report prevailing here, that in consequence of some powers from Congress, the Governor and Council have it in contemplation to remove the Convention troops, [Burgoyne’s troops captured at Saratoga] either wholly or in part, from their present situation, I take the liberty of troubling you with some observations on …

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On a Pertinacious Obstinacy in Opinion

As a pertinacious Obstinacy in Opinion, and confident Self-Sufficiency, is possibly one of the greatest Vices, as well as Weaknesses, that the human Mind is capable of; so on the contrary a Readiness to give up a loved Opinion, upon due Conviction, is as great a Glory, as well as Happiness, as we are here capable of attaining: …

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