The Continental Army, Chapter II

The Continental Army: Washington and the Continental Congress Formation of a New England army in the first months after Lexington marked the first phase in the military struggle with England, but even as the regional army gathered before Boston, a significant step in the creation of a national force was being taken in Philadelphia. The …

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Francis Marion, Chapter III, Campaign of 1781, part 1


The year 1781 commenced under auspices more propitious than those of the last year. The British had exercised so much oppression and rapacity over all those who would not join them, and so much insolence over those who did, and were in the least suspected, that the people of South Carolina found there was no …

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James Madison to Mordecai M. Noah

Montpellier, May 15: 1818 Sir I have recd. your letter of the 6th. with the eloquent discourse delivered at the Consecration of the Jewish Synagogue. Having ever regarded the freedom of religious opinions & worship as equally belonging to every sect, & the secure enjoyment of it as the best human provision for bringing all …

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George Washington to the Hebrew Congregation in Savannah, Georgia


To the Savannah, Ga., Hebrew Congregation Gentlemen, I thank you with great sincerity for your congratulations on my appointment to the office, which I have the honor to hold by the unanimous choice of my fellow-citizens: and especially for the expressions which you are pleased to use in testifying the confidence that is reposed in …

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The Seeds Sown of a Total Disunion of the Two Countries

TO THE MASSACHUSETTS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: GENTLEMEN, London, 15 May, 1771. I have received your favor of the 27th of February, with the Journal of the House of Representatives, and copies of the late oppressive prosecutions in the Admiralty Court, which I shall, as you direct, communicate to Mr. Bollan, and consult with him on …

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