Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VIII

The Alliance with France and its Results Washington badly needed aid from Europe, but there every important government was monarchical and it was not easy for a young republic, the child of revolution, to secure an ally. France tingled with joy at American victories and sorrowed at American reverses, but motives were mingled and perhaps …

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State of Foreign Affairs


From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. May 8.—This year’s campaign seems to be fraught with interesting events. When we look to Europe, we there behold the contending parties becoming more and more serious in their determinations: formidable preparations are making, equally so by Britain as …

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Resolution of the House of Burgesses Designating a Day of Fasting and Prayer

Tuesday, the 24th of May, 14 Geo. III. 1774. This House being deeply impressed with Apprehension of the great Dangers to be derived to British America, from the hostile Invasion of the City of Boston, in our Sister Colony of Massachusetts Bay, whose Commerce and Harbour are on the 1st Day of June next to …

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