Washington and His Comrades: Chapter IX

The War in the South After 1778 there was no more decisive fighting in the North. The British plan was to hold New York and keep there a threatening force, but to make the South henceforth the central arena of the war. Accordingly, in 1779, they evacuated Rhode Island and left the magnificent harbor of …

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Dr. Robert Brownfield on the Waxhaw Massacre


From the Appendix of A Sketch of the Life of Brigadier General Francis Marion, and A History of His Brigade by William Dobein James. The following is the letter of Dr. Robert Brownfield to the author, giving a detailed account of the defeat of Buford’s regiment, referred to at page 39. Dear Sir, In obedience …

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Fort Lafayette Taken

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. May 31.—Day before yesterday, fifteen hundred men, consisting of British and Hessian grenadiers, light infantry, volunteers of Ireland and Yagers, landed on Teller’s Point, eight miles below Peekskill, on the North River,1 and the following day another party landed …

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The Virginia Resolves


1. Resolved, that the first adventurers and settlers of His Majesty’s colony and dominion of Virginia brought with them and transmitted to their posterity, and all other His Majesty’s subjects since inhabiting in this His Majesty’s said colony, all the liberties, privileges, franchises, and immunities that have at any time been held, enjoyed, and possessed …

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