The Continental Army, Chapter III

The Continental Regiments of 1776: Boston and Quebec In 1775 the four New England colonies had raised their own armies in the aftermath of Lexington, and New York followed suit with encouragement from the Continental Congress. Lack of centralized direction allowed each colony to base its regimental organization on its own particular experience in the …

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Maj. Keating Simons on Gen. Francis Marion


The following letter from Major Keating Simons, was received too late to be inserted either in the body, or in a note to this work, although it contains one of the finest traits of the character of Gen. Marion. — Major Muller and Major Simons acted as brigade majors to the general, and both were …

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Redaction of Fort St. George – Coram

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II.  Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. November 23.—This evening Major Tallmadge1 returned to Fairfield, in Connecticut, from a very spirited and successful enterprise against Fort St. George on Long Island; having destroyed the fort and such forage and supplies as could not be carried away …

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