Daniel Boone and the Founding of Kentucky

. . . Boone lived hunting up to ninety; And, what’s still stranger, left behind a name For which men vainly decimate the throng, Not only famous, but of that GOOD fame, Without which glory’s but a tavern song,– Simple, serene, the antipodes of shame, Which hate nor envy e’er could tinge with wrong; ‘T …

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Jefferson to His Excellency Gen Washington


Richmond, October 22, 1780. Sir, I have this morning received certain information of the arrival of a hostile fleet in our bay, of about sixty sail. The debarkation of some light-horse, in the neighborhood of Portsmouth, seems to indicate that as the first scene of action. We are endeavoring to collect as large a body …

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Attack on Red Bank

From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol I. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. Yesterday morning, 1 about fifteen hundred Hessians, under the command of Count Donop, came down from Philadelphia to Red Bank2 in order to take the fort, under the command of Colonel Greene, belonging to Rhode Island. About four o’clock …

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Thomas Jefferson to John Randolph


Philadelphia, November 29, 1775. Dear Sir, I am to give you the melancholy intelligence of the death of our most worthy Speaker, which happened here on the 22nd of the last month. He was struck with an apoplexy, and expired within five hours. I have it in my power to acquaint you that the success …

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