Washington and His Comrades: Chapter VIII

The Alliance with France and its Results Washington badly needed aid from Europe, but there every important government was monarchical and it was not easy for a young republic, the child of revolution, to secure an ally. France tingled with joy at American victories and sorrowed at American reverses, but motives were mingled and perhaps …

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Francis Marion, Introduction


  A. S. Salley’s Introduction to the 1948 edition But for an accident General Francis Marion probably would not have been the hero of the Revolution that he became. In June, 1775, the Provincial Congress of South Carolina, the extra-legal body of the revolting people of the province, organized three regiments of regular troops in …

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Andre’s Capture

Another correspondent says:1—”I doubt not you have heard, ere this reaches you, of the most cursed plot ever formed by man, for the seizing of the person of his Excellency General Washington, with his family, on their return from the eastward, which would have taken place on the night of the 25th instant, had it …

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