The Next Generation of Trekkies

I never actually qualified as a Trekkie. I’ve always been a fan, but never that obsessive. My son just discovered the original Star Trek series and is eating it up. I think that’s great, since it’s so much healthier than Digimon and the like. However, we watched the first seven episodes, andI wassurprised at how suggestive Star Trek was. Much more so than any subsequent spin-offs.It’s been years since I’ve seen it, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t pick up on any of that when I was a kid. Our culture has certainly become much more puritanical since then, and definitely not in a healthy way.

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2 Responses to The Next Generation of Trekkies

  1. jamsco says:

    I also have been watching the original lately, and my problem with it is – the plot moves so slow.

    I’m Next Generation guy, myself

  2. jay c says:

    It took me a few years to actually like TNG, but I got there. I still like the original better though.

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