Weeks, Months, and Women

I am a university student in field of ” women’s studies”

I’m sorry, but that could be the source of much of your confusion. I suspect that verifiable facts take a distant backseat to agenda in all “women’s studies” programs. I wonder about your location, though. I would be very surprised to learn that an Iranian university offers such courses.

I am wonder there is any relationship between women monthly period and the nomber of week (6 days of work and 1 day of rest).

Having just slammed women’s studies for downplaying facts, I hope you’ll excuse me for indulging in some speculation. At least I’m not ignoring fact in favor of myth, only noting how they might be syncretized.

The week and the menstrual cycle are loosely tied to the lunar cycle. The moon progresses through its phases every 29-30 days, which is just over 4 weeks and about the same length as a woman’s period. The length of the week was set by God’s pattern of Creation. He worked for six days and rested on the seventh. He planned it that way in advance so that each day would be marked by activities in line with the significance of the number of that day. For example, God completed the creation week on the seventh day, because seven is the number of completion.

The Moon and the Month
Light was created on the fourth day, because four is a number of the Messiah who is the light of life and the ruler of the day. The fourth day is important to your question, because it is also the day that the moon was set in the sky. The connection between the moon and the number four continues with the four-week lunar cycle. I suspect that the lunar cycle was once exactly twenty-eight days. Entropy or gravity or some other principle has slowed it down since that first week.

The Moon and Menstruation
The Moon is to the Sun as Israel is to Yah and a woman is to a man. A man’s fertility cycle begins in the spring of his life and declines again in his winter, much like the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Meanwhile, his wife’s fertility cycle waxes and wanes again and again like the phases of the moon. The one does not cause the other, but all of these were set by God in his love of patterns.

and I am very interested in mythology. is there any relationship between Isis symbol ( ankh) and Venus symbol and Juses cross.

Probably. I see two possible explanations for those things:

1. Satan is not stupid, and he knows God’s plan of redemption much better than any of us. He incorporated God’s symbols and plans into numerous counterfeits in an attempt to fool people, and he’s done a good job.
2. God manipulated those false religions so that they would be prophecies against themselves. While they attempted to turn people away from the worship of the true God, they actually contained a version of the Gospel that would make it familar and understandable when people eventuallyheard it.

The mythologies surrounding Asht—th, sol invictus, Tam–z, (I’d rather not give them the honor of reproducing their whole names) and other parallels to Yeshua were designed to appeal to our common sense of truth. They contain enough truth that many people accepted them as true. Today, skeptics point to those stories as evidence that the Gospel was copied. I believe they can also be understood as evidence in the other direction. Just as the universality of flood myths is evidence that the Flood story is essentially correct, so the universality of the theme of redemption through death, resurrection, and marriage is evidence that the Gospel is essentially correct.

and what do you think about Adams’ wives ( lilith and the other one who has no name)?

I do not believe those stories. I believe that Adam had only one wife, named Havah or Eve.


You’re welcome!

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One Response to Weeks, Months, and Women

  1. Triton says:

    I would add that the menstrual cycle is significantly influenced by environmental factors. Women who live together under the same roof will usually synchronize their cycles. Also, regular exposure to semen helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. And, of course, women who exercise heavily might cease menstruating altogether.
    is there any relationship between Isis symbol ( ankh) and Venus symbol and Juses cross.
    Unless the Romans purposely designed the process of crucifixion to resemble some pagan symbol, I would say no.