Chayei Sarah 5769 – Old, Stricken, and Virile

Genesis 24:1

And Abraham was old, and well stricken in age. Abraham was one hundred and forty years old at this point, and was described as “well stricken in age.” It seems unlikely that he was still fathering children, but that is by no means certain. As evidenced by his marriage to Keturah and at least one other woman, and the many other children he fathered, he remained quite virile for many years after Isaac’s birth. God did not give him the ability to accomplish his assignment and then immediately take the ability away again. Like the faithful servant of Matthew 25:21, through Keturah, Abraham was tangibly rewarded for his faithfulness many times over.

(See also Genesis 25:1-8 and Matthew 25:14-30.)

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2 Responses to Chayei Sarah 5769 – Old, Stricken, and Virile

  1. bethyada says:

    Hi Jay, are you aware of Reftagger for your Bible references?

  2. jay c says:

    I haven’t seen that before, but it looks pretty useful. I’ll check into it.