Teaching Abstinence Works

I keep hearing pop-culture ninnies tell us that teaching abstinence doesn’t work. “Kids are going tohave sexanyway, so we might as well teach them how to do it responsibly.”

They are all complete morons. They would make as much sense if they said, “Kids are going to attempt suicide anyway, so we might as well teach them how to kill themselves responsibly.”

Of course, it doesn’t work if you don’t give them a motive. It worked for me. It worked for most of my high school friends. (Trust me. If they were having sex with anyone at all, they would have said so.) The difference between my crowd and most of the rest of America’s kids is that we were motivated to abstain. It wasn’t to prevent disease or pregnancy. Those are both great reasons, but kids don’t necessarily care about reason. The difference was that we grew up in church, lived in devout christian homes, attended a christian school, and intended to marry christian girls. We had amotive that mattered to us.

If you tell kids that they are nothing more than jazzed up apes and that there is nothing to believe in–ever, anywhere–beyond the tangibly pragmatic, then you leave them with absolutely no reason to care about anything except the here and now. Most of them don’t really care about next month, let alone the next nine months or the next nine years.

Here’s my plan (for today)for saving America:

  1. Pray.
  2. Read the Bible.
  3. Pray.
  4. Tear down every public school. Teach all the public school administrators how to do a real job, then make them do it. Keep them away from other people’s kids.
  5. Pray.

I’m sure I’ll have a new plan by tomorrow.

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One Response to Teaching Abstinence Works

  1. Mark Call says:

    Very good, Jay.
    You could add as number 6 –
    Buy gold (and silver) – as physical metal.
    It will hasten the inevitable destruction of the false system of fiat money, and give the faithful a lifeline during the reconstruction which will hopefully follow.