Vayetzei 5769 – God Doesn’t Play by Your Rules

Genesis 28:15
…I am with thee, and will keep thee…
God confirmed Jacob’s blessings and promised to make him into a great nation. God would be with him as he traveled to Haran. His wife (or in this case, wives) would be chosen by God. Since God promised Jacob that his search, betrothal, marriage, progeny, and return to the land were all under divine providence, to say that Jacob’s marriages were not part of God’s plan is to call God a liar. Was God protecting and guiding him or not? It was no accident that he arrived at the well just as Rachel came out with her father’s sheep, nor was it an accident that Jacob did not recognize Leah until the morning after the wedding. After God promised to be right beside Jacob until he returned to Canaan, how is it that God would allow Jacob to be so deceived contrary to divine will without so much as a warning? The truth is that God knew exactly what was going on, and was maneuvering Laban and Jacob into his will. It was God’s will that Jacob marry Leah first, then Rachel, then Bilhah, and finally Zilpah.

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