Pesach 5769 – Jews and Gentiles

With Passover coming up, I’ve been listening to some studies and sermons on Passover and the Exodus. Mark McLellan’s “Messiah in the Passover” deserves a plug:

“And also a mixed multitude went up with them, and flocks, and herds, very much cattle.”

…Both Jews and gentiles came up out of Egypt by the blood of the Lamb. Both Jews and gentiles travelled together as brothers and sisters through the Red Sea, which was their baptism, underneath the cloud which was their baptism in the Spirit, and they emerged on the other side, and they stood shoulder to shoulder as the redeemed of the Lord out of Egypt. Jews and gentiles…so when we read in the hagaddah that everyone is supposed to look at themselves as being there in Egypt, the Jew looks back because his ancestors were there. The gentiles can look back and say our ancestors were there too. Our ancestors were represented in the mixed multitude. We were there with you, Jews and gentiles together!

…How many people have ever heard, “Well, you know, Jesus fulfilled that stuff. we don’t have to do it anymore because it’s fulfilled. Then why does Paul say that these festivals are shadows of things still coming? Why? Because these days not only have a past, but also have an inauguration in his ministry. That inauguration was not the fulfillment; it was the beginning of it, but the consumation is still coming.

You can download this as a podcast from iTunes.

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