America Is Dead

Her corpse has begun to swell and stink.

The evidence:

  • Politicians barely even give lip service to true liberty. Most of those who do demonstrably have no understanding of the word.
  • The citizens are whiny dependents intent on ensuring everyone is as badly treated as they believe themselves to be.
  • Government at every level ignores the law almost at will.
  • Officers sworn to “protect and serve” are frequently just another criminal gang fighting over turf.
  • No conscious, competent citizen can live through a single day without breaking multiple laws, and the most intelligent person could never hope to understand even a small part of our laws even if he dedicated his entire life to the study.
  • The job market is flooded with degrees, but very little capacity for thought.
  • The looters vastly outnumber the producers.
  • There is a real possibility that the President is not eligible for his office.
  • Politicians and media are intent on importing as many illiterate, welfare-dependent foreigners as they can before the native Americans wake up to their treachery.
  • The economy is in the toilet due to ubiquitous corruption and government interference. The government’s response? More corruption and interference. The people’s response? Demand more corruption and interference.
  • Everything, everywhere is monitored, cataloged, and cross-referenced.
  • China is on the rise and we can’t sell our country, our infrastructure, and our jobs to them fast enough.
  • We are militarily over-committed.
  • Every military victory is either pyrrhic, fleeting, or fraudulent.
  • Our military is flooded with foreigners.
  • The news media, those so-called guardians of freedom, are engaged in a constructive conspiracy to ensure actual freedom is never again experienced in this country.
  • We murder our children, while crying about the trampled rights of frogs and cattle.
  • Women and children truly rule over us.
  • The family, the very core of our civilization, is under incessant attack from politicians, courts, the press, entertainers, and corporations.
  • Everyone knows certain truths about sex, race, and religion, but if you dare to speak those truths, you will be fired, sued, shunned, and possibly even imprisoned.
  • And on and on and on.

Let’s face it: America is dead and there is no other people prepared to take her place. It is too late to save her. Don’t bother asking how we can restore our rights. Don’t bother spending all your savings on a good man’s election campaign. Who cares who’s running the train when it’s already derailed? Forget all that. It’s a waste of your breath and resources.

Ask yourself this question instead:

How should we now live given our current circumstances and the likely course of future events?

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