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Humans Essential Part of Ecosystem

Researchers are just figuring out what has been obvious to everyone who takes the Biblical account of creation seriously, whether literally or metaphorically: humans are an essential part of the global ecosystem. Transhumance Helps Vulture Conservation ScienceDaily (2009-09-23) — Researchers … Continue reading

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For the Gullible

White blood cells can spontaneously grow legs, move themselves around the body, and communicate with other cells. Isn’t evolution amazing! It’s so…so…providential! White Blood Cells Can Sprout ‘Legs’ And Move Like Millipedes ScienceDaily (May 4, 2009) — How do white … Continue reading

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Global Warming My Icicles

Yahoo reported a temperature of -8° in Denver yesterday. Others tell me it was -19° at DIA just to the east and -15° in the plains to the north. I believe that is the coldest it has been in my … Continue reading

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The Eyes Have It

Japanese Billboards Are Watching Back In Japan, NTT is testing a digital billboard system that watches back Martyn Williams, IDG News Service Friday, December 12, 2008 01:10 AM PST “On many street corners and railway stations there are many digital … Continue reading

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Leif Did It

I don’t know how, but those dastardly Vikings managed to spike the Greenland tundra in order to sabotage the climate 1000 years later. It’s Norsogenic Global Warming, I tell you! Methane, Potent Greenhouse Gas, Flowing Into The Atmosphere From Tundra … Continue reading

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Climate Change Models Use Unrealistic Data

Global Warming Predictions Are Overestimated, Suggests Study On Black Carbon ScienceDaily (2008-11-25) — A detailed analysis of black carbon — the residue of burned organic matter — in computer climate models suggests that those models may be overestimating global warming … Continue reading

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Solve Global Whatever: Live Moderately

I have never trusted doomsayers. They have a very long history of being wrong. Not only have they been wrong, but they frequently lie, exagerate, and commit outright fraud in order to push their agenda. This op-ed from the UK highlights … Continue reading

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Such Interesting Times

Climate Change, Acid Rain Could Be Good For Forests ScienceDaily (2008-10-26) — After more than 20 years of research in the northern hardwood forests of Michigan, scientists have reached a surprising conclusion: Moderate increases in temperature and nitrogen from atmospheric … Continue reading

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Selective Memory Wipe

Memories Selectively, Safely Erased In Mice ScienceDaily (2008-10-23) — Targeted memory erasure is no longer limited to the realm of science fiction. A new study describes a method through which a selected set of memories can be rapidly and specifically … Continue reading

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A Gimmick That Actually Works?

Want Better Mileage? Simple Device Which Uses Electrical Field Could Boost Gas Efficiency Up To 20% ScienceDaily (2008-09-26) — A simple device which attaches to a vehicles fuel line near the fuel injector and creates an electrical field could boost … Continue reading

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