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Noach 5771 – A Leader by His Cover

The mettle of a leader is not always found in the success of his ventures or even in the number or influence of his followers. A surer sign of the quality of a leader is the nature of the trust … Continue reading

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Noach 5768 – A Man of the Soil

Genesis 9:20 “Noah became a man of the soil, and he planted a vineyard.” Wherever men live, they are men of the soil. So few of usexist the way we were intended, but we always find a way of bringing … Continue reading

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Salvation through Death

(My apologies for the recurring theme of death. It’s not a fixation. Really!) Whenever you see the numbers 4 or 40 in scripture, look for a lesson on the Messiah. The fourth day brought lights to rule the heavens. Esau, … Continue reading

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