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A Reptile or a Rock?

Newt Gingrich is a corrupt, petulant bully who has abandoned his wife for another woman twice! Meanwhile honest, steady-as-a-rock Ron Paul celebrated his 55th wedding anniversary with wife Carol yesterday. And who do you suppose most “Christians” say they support? … Continue reading

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My mother used to say, “We’re not poor; we’re just broke.” It was her way of saying that poverty is a state of mind and believing that you are poor (whatever words you use to describe your state) will ensure … Continue reading

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We Are Absurd

Apparently, the PTB have been negotiating with an imposter they thought was a high-ranking official of the Taliban. It’s pretty bad when you don’t even know who the top leaders of your enemy are. The United States government has no … Continue reading

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Republicanists Are Morons

Some people insist we have to vote for Republicans because if we don’t then the mean ole antichrist demoncrats will have their way with us. They say that if you don’t vote for one or the other then you don’t … Continue reading

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