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Francis Marion, Chapter I

Birth of Gen. Marion. His Ancestry. First Destination of Going to Sea. Voyage to the West Indies and Shipwreck. His settlement in St. John’s, Berkley. Expedition under Governor Lyttleton. A Sketch of the Attack on Fort Moultrie, 1776. And the Campaign of 1779. FRANCIS MARION was born at Winyaw,1 near Georgetown, South Carolina, in the…

The Art of Virtue

To Lord Kames My dear Lord, London, May 3. 1760. Your obliging Favour of January 24th. found me greatly indispos’d with an obstinate Cold and Cough accompany’d with Feverish Complaints and Headachs, that lasted long and harass’d me greatly, not being subdu’d at length but by the whole Round of Cupping, Bleeding, Blistering, &c. When…