The Continental Army, Chapter V

An Army for the War: 1777 Most Continental enlistments expired on 31 December 1776. Congress and Washington hoped to avoid a recurrence of the problems of the previous winter by beginning their preparations for reorganizing the Continental Army during the early fall of 1776. Profiting from that earlier experience, they not only started sooner but …

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The Battle of Camden, Part I


PART IAN AMERICAN ARMY ORGANIZED TO RECOVER THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA FROM BRITISH SUBJUGATIONREVIEW OF MILITARY CONDITIONS IN THE UNITED STATES IN 1780The principal battle grounds of the first four years of the War for Independence, waged by the thirteen Colonies against the mother country, were located in the Northern States, following which period, …

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Washington and His Comrades: Chapter IX

The War in the South After 1778 there was no more decisive fighting in the North. The British plan was to hold New York and keep there a threatening force, but to make the South henceforth the central arena of the war. Accordingly, in 1779, they evacuated Rhode Island and left the magnificent harbor of …

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Jerseymen Visit Flatbush


From Diary of the American Revolution, Vol II. Compiled by Frank Moore and published in 1859. Last Saturday night, about eleven o’clock, a small party of rebels, from Jersey, landed at New Utrecht, on Long Island, and immediately proceeded to Flatbush, where several gentlemen of New York have country houses. The rebels, being well informed …

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